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Whether for a hearty breakfast to set you up for the day ahead, a quick snack to keep you going, or an evening meal to enjoy, The Amble Inn is the place to come.

As you’d expect from a seaside restaurant in Northumberland, we’ve cast out the net when it comes to delicious seafood, with plenty of just-landed, local fish and shellfish dishes. Don’t feel like cooking Sunday Lunch? Our superb Sunday Carvery is not to be missed. There’s generous helpings of hand cut beef, pork or turkey with crispy roast potatoes, towering Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings.

We all love a weekend getaway to the seaside – it’s a staple British holiday, and it’s the best way to get away for a couple of days without having to deal with long periods of travelling, expensive costs, and a whole lot of hassle. With a weekend break to the seaside, you simply need to book your room, pack your bags, and jump in the car – it really is that simple! Here at The Inn Collection Group, we’re passionate about traditional weekend getaways, and we believe that the best way to get the full experience is with a classic inn – the ideal combination of pub, restaurant, and room! Each of our fantastic locations follows this layout, and we think that our guests absolutely love it – there’s somewhere to eat good food, there’s a pub on hand for a couple of drinks, and there’s a comfortable place to rest your head.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about our Amble location, the aptly named The Amble Inn, just keep on reading below – you’ll be able to find details relating to the pub, restaurant, and rooms, including what you can expect to find on our expertly crafted menus too! To book a room with us at The Amble Inn, simply head over to our online booking page where you’ll be able to enter your desired dates, check room availability, and book your room in just a matter of minutes.

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Allergy Advice

Allergen advice is available for all our main menu meals, click the link below or contact us for more information. Ask our team when you visit about allergens for our daily specials.

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Breakfast menu

Start your day the best way possible, by joining us for breakfast! Browse our menu today.

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What’s on the menu at our pub and restaurant?

At The Amble Inn, proper pub food is one of our top priorities, but we know that it isn’t for everyone, so we’ve ensured that our menu covers all the bases and offers something for everyone, including vegetarian and vegan options! Here’s a rundown of our different menus and what you can expect to find on your visit to the inn:


Our first menu is our seasonal menu – this is our main menu and is available every day of the week, providing delicious fresh meals of all shapes, sizes, and cuisines to cater to every person’s tastes and preferences. Our seasonal menu is crafted by our expert restaurant teams and looks to incorporate as many seasonal vegetables and meats as possible, whilst also featuring lots of local delicacies and the region’s most popular dishes. On our seasonal menu, you can expect to find hearty, warming dishes in the winter, fresh, lighter dishes in the summer, and a number of fresh vegetable and fish dishes using produce from local farmers and fishermen.

Sunday Roast

Everybody loves a Sunday roast – it’s probably the nation’s favourite dish and we couldn’t imagine life without it, it really is that good. Of course, it can be tough to find a good Sunday roast when you’re not at your own home, but we think we’ve found the perfect solution. Every Sunday from 12:00-17:00, our kitchen team puts on a stunning roast dinner option, with the option of roast beef, roast chicken, or roast pork, complete with all of the trimmings including homemade Yorkshire puddings. With food this good, why would you ever want to make your own roast dinner ever again?

Children’s dishes

Feeding the kids whilst you’re away on holiday can often be something of a pain point for many parents – lots of kids tend to be a little bit fussier with the foods they’ll eat and large adult portions are usually way too much food for them, leaving them over faced with lots of food going to waste. To help solve this issue, we’ve put together a fantastic selection of children’s menu items, designed with the help of parents themselves, helping us to ensure that these dishes don’t just sound good to us, they sound good to parents and their children too! Kids eating at The Amble Inn will be able to choose from a range of different items, each of which is tasty, nutritional and balanced, giving your little ones the fuel they need to grow and enjoy themselves in equal measures.

These food options have been chosen by parents because they’re simple, familiar, and incredibly tasty, making mealtimes with the kids something that you’ll be able to savour rather than something that’ll fill you with dread.

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