Oyster Feast at The Lindisfarne Inn this Valentine’s Day

The inn will be serving up cooked and natural oyster dishes for diners to savour on February 14, alongside its main Valentine’s Menu.

General Manager Nicola Austin said: “People either love oysters or hate them, but we think they are foodie heaven and are a real taste of the sea, not to mention their reputation as being the food of love!

“The Lindisfarne Inn is lucky enough to be close to The Holy Island of Lindisfarne which is prized for its Lindisfarne Oysters that are sold in high-end restaurants across the country.

“We thought what better day to put oysters centre stage than on Valentine’s Day, when we’ll be offering customers a feast of different oyster dishes including grilled, poached and natural ones to try with, of course, some gorgeous fizz to wash them down with.”

She added: “We know that oysters just don’t go down well for everyone, so we’ll have our full menu and Valentine’s Day specials on alongside.”

The Lindisfarne Inn’s Oyster Feast takes place on Friday February  14 from 6pm.