International Women’s Day

8th March is International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating all the fantastic women who are part of what makes The Inn Collection Group what it is today. We’ve chatted to our team and discussed what they love about working in this industry, as well as what’s given them the drive and inspiration to succeed.

Rachel Tweddle, Accounts Assistant
I love the industry we work in and especially at The Inn Collection Group.  There’s nothing better than working in a company like ICG where you appreciate the offering (pubs in amazing locations, allowing you to explore some of the most stunning locations up North), love what you do, and the people around you feel the same.  To me, it’s about trying to be the best I can be in my role in the finance team, as I want to know I’ve helped shape and be a part of the journey the business is on.  Now just to have the doors open again!

Louise Stewart, Property Director
When I first started my career over 20 years ago, there were very few women working in the property and construction industry.  Fresh out of university, and plodging round site in a hard hat and rigger boots, I felt I had to work hard to prove myself against the prejudice of women in a project management role on site. In site meetings, people frequently thought I was there to take the minutes rather than chair the meeting! Fast forward 20 odd years, I have progressed in my career and gained respect from my peers so site meetings are a lot easier these days. However, there are still very few women in the industry. I sit on the committee of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) where we promote construction related roles to young girls in schools and promote the positives in the Construction Industry as a whole and to highlight the fantastic work carried out by professionals working within.
My family inspire me the most to succeed in the industry.  I hope I have paved the way so if my daughter ever chooses a job in the industry, she doesn’t have to face some of the prejudice that I did.  I hope that I can look back on my career with pride that I have made a difference and encouraged more women into the industry.

Jan Moffett, Central Reservations
A long time ago my Dad told me “Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing”. Think I would be about 12 years old and halfway up Cheviot at the time, probably moaning about how far it was!  It has stuck with me ever since and reminds me on a daily basis that there is nothing we can’t achieve with a bit of effort and self-belief, whether it be in work, personal life, or life goals.

Mel Kennedy, Central Reservations
A teacher once told me to always believe in yourself, and you can achieve anything. This quote pushes me every day to do a good job, to achieve my goals within the company and to flourish.

Nicola Fortune, General Manager
I always want to succeed as my aim is to be an inspiration for people around me, for people in our industry! I would love to become a role model for others. I try my best in each job daily, be attentive to the needs of my team, and enjoy my time at work delivering fantastic results. Engaging with our customers and team, and bringing positive energy whilst sculpting others’ development plans is was truly motivates me.

Becca Maddox, General Manager
When I first started my career my intentions were to become a child nurse, however; I was working part-time in hospitality and my leaders in hospitality inspired me to follow my passion in hospitality. They instilled confidence, improved my skills, and had faith in my own development which allowed me to grow! I now want to be that inspiration to others, to allow my team to develop and also ensure others progression within our company.

Charlotte Adamson, Central Reservations
For me, the thing that inspires me to succeed is the love and support I have always received from both my mam and my dad. They’ve always taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to and believed in me even at times when I didn’t believe in myself. I’ve always tried to bring this into my professional career in order to succeed in such a great company.

Debra Adamson, General Manager
The thing that inspires me to succeed is the fact that my family, friends, colleagues all believe in me and encourage me to do the best I can in everything I do.

Hannah Walpole, Senior Group Stocktaker
I love the buzz about the hospitality industry, it’s none stop and constantly motivated me to work hard and perform well. The courses available at ICG enable me to progress my professional development and show the commitment this company has to improve and invest in all its staff. My Dad was a stocktaker and inspires me every day to be the very best I can be.

Charlotte Turner, Office Manager
My family is my inspiration and my constant driving force. I am continuously blown away by the fantastic people I work alongside and makes me determined to contribute fully to a successful team. Happy IWD!

Zoe Cooper, Senior Marketing Executive
The hospitality industry is of vital importance and it’s truly great to work for a company where you feel valued and acknowledged, no matter your gender. As a company that is continuing to grow, it’s motivating to see our team expanding and two women recently joining our Senior Leadership team. This is another reason to continue to learn, grow and perform well, which ICG allows its staff to do, through really investing in them. I believe you should always aim high and luckily had the constant support of my family, which I believe is vital to my success. I’ve always said ‘If I can be half the woman my mum is, I know I’ll have done well’.

Honour Willians, Central Reservations
My mother always told me that great things never come to those who wait, this has always stayed with me and inspired me to succeed both personally and professionals. My future and my plans, as well as my team, also motivate me to constantly thrive.