Landmark bomb back with a blast at The Tynemouth Castle Inn

A relic of the Second World War has returned to stand sentinel over the north east coast at The Tynemouth Castle Inn this March and is set to act as a force for good following an extensive restoration by a local specialist engineering firm.

Dropped on the town in April 1941, an unexploded and deactivated 2000lb bomb had long been a local landmark above Longsands Beach but had become weather-worn after more than 83 years of exposure to the elements.

As part of the renovation of the new pub with rooms on the Grand Parade, The Inn Collection Group picked up an idea from local resident Paul Allison and resolved to improve the appearance of the old ordinance and return it to functioning as a fundraising tool for the public good.

Needing a restoration that would preserve the revered piece of local history for the long term, industry leaders Monitor Coatings, a Castolin Eutectic company, were approached to carry out the work.

With over 90 years of experience providing engineering and high-quality coatings across a wide range of sectors, the team responsible for the deck coating aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales relished the challenge that they were presented.

Carrying out the work at no cost, Tom Nicholson and the team in North Shields invested their time and passion to deliver an impressive facelift.

Nicholson said: “It has been an interesting project to give the old bomb casing a bit of TLC and with it set to be used as a fundraising tool for good causes, including veterans’ charities, we were happy to donate our time and skills to make this happen.

“We were very conscious that it needed to be preserved but in such a way that it didn’t lose any of its story.  We didn’t want to make it look brand new, but also wanted to protect it from salt in the air and other extremes that it faces sitting on the coast and I think that we have been able to achieve that.

Now back at The Tynemouth Castle Inn, an interpretation board detailing the history of the bomb will be installed in the coming weeks, along with a collection box which will work in tandem with The Inn Collection Group’s Give Inn Back fund to raise money for donation for local good causes.

In its first year, the team at The Tynemouth Castle Inn used its fund to support causes, including Whitley Bay Skating Club and summer holiday activities for local youngsters and it is hoped that the bomb will increase the scope of that help by tapping into the generosity of the local community.

Jason Milburn, general manager at The Tynemouth Castle Inn added: “There has been a lot of interest in the bomb since we reopened, with questions about where it was and what was happening to it coming almost daily”

“We’re delighted to have it back on site and are hugely grateful to Tom and his team for doing such an amazing job on improving its appearance and making sure it is protected for the future.

“Over the next couple of weeks, we will be adding an information board to explain its history and why it’s still here and the donation box so that it can return to being a tool for public good in Tynemouth.”