Ullswater ‘Steamers’

Providing leisure trips on Ullswater in the north-eastern part of the English Lake District.


Ullswater ‘Steamers’ celebrates over 160 years of operating cruises on one of England’s most beautiful lakes, Ullswater. Operating one of the largest heritage boat fleets in the world, they offer visitors an unforgettable experience 363 days a year. The cruises from Ullswater ‘Steamers’ connect to some of the most famous and iconic walking routes in the Lake District National Park, with views of Wordsworth's daffodils on the west shore in spring.

Visitors can't fail to be impressed by the scale and beauty of their surroundings. Ullswater is the second largest lake in the Lake District at 7.5 miles (12km) long, 0.5 miles (0.8km) wide, and a maximum of approximately 205ft (62m) deep. The surrounding valley boasts rich biodiversity of wildlife and striking physical features due to glacial erosion and turbulent geological activity. During a volcanic upheaval, approximately 450 million years ago, faults in the rocks allowed movement giving the lake its characteristic kink at Howtown. The valley is crowned by Helvellyn, one of England’s highest mountains at 3,117ft high.’